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A Church Year with Libera (20)

Today is the Feast of Christ the King, the final Sunday on the liturgical calendar. A day to celebrate that God has put all of creation under the dominion of his Son who freed us from sin through His death on the cross. He who died on Calvary now lives and reigns in Heaven. Does this mean He is far from us? No, because all of creation is touched and transformed by His love, a love that is stronger than any other power on earth and in heaven – even stronger than death. It is this vision of faith, for now and the future, that can fill our hearts with joyful obedience to the word of God, spoken in full in His Son, Jesus Christ. To this cause, the boys of Libera raise their voices to praise Him and ask for strength and courage. May this also be the blessing for each one of us as we close this church year and we look forward to the new year, starting again with Advent.

Thank you to all who have watched this series. May the joy of faith and singing be always with you!