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Stile Antico live in Dom church Utrecht

First of all: it has been quiet here and I’m afraid I won’t be blogging much in the future either. Sorry everyone! But too much is going on in my personal life to keep this blog going the way I used to.

Fortunately though, I have something very nice to share with you: the audio recording of Stile Antico’s concert last night in the Dom church in Utrecht!



Stile Antico, as some of you may know, is a renowned British a cappella mixed choir of twelve, specialised in 16th and 17th century vocal music. The concert was part of the Early Music Festival and featured works by Orlandus Lassus and Nicolas Gombert. Mass settings, motets with texts from the Song of Solomon, and two Magnificats. I basked in the sound which glowed and flowed. One thing I love about hearing this type of music performed is hearing the vibration in the room, the ‘texture’ of it. A quality you always miss on a recording. It’s hard to pick a favourite but it was probably either the Gloria or Sanctus from Gombert’s Missa Quam pulchra es. The Gloria had some wonderful dynamics and sudden dissonances whereas the Sanctus was very mystical and full of reverence.

After a standing ovation they received an Edison (Dutch music award) for their 2011 Puer natus est recording, which they proudly display in the picture below. They then sang an encore, Vide homo by Lassus, a moving piece about the betrayal of St. Peter which was the last work Lassus ever wrote. A touching finale, after such radiance.
Enjoy the recording!